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Welcome to the Otsego Lake Association

Our Mission

The mission of the Otsego Lake Association is to educate, advocate, and actively participate in protecting the health, beauty, and well being of Otsego Lake by facilitating the implementation of the Otsego Lake Watershed Management Plan.

Real time data from the Automated Monitoring Buoy located offshore near 5-mile point. OLA helps support the buoy project.

Between 6 Nov 2021 and April 2022, data below does NOT reflect the current condition of Otsego Lake. Data may be transmitted sporadically for near-shore data collection and/or equipment testing.

Between 6 Nov 2021 and April 2022, data below do NOT reflect the current condition of Otsego Lake. Data may be transmitted sporadically for near-shore data collection and/or equipment testing.

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Incase you missed our 2021 Annual (Virtual) Gathering, it is now avaialble on youtube.


2021 Lake Citizen Award went to

K. Wayne Bunn is recognized for his decades of involvement with, and the protection of, Otsego Lake. He started fishing for Otsego Bass and lake trout on the lake at age 10 with his Dad, spent summers at his neighbor's camp while growing up, enjoyed Fairy Spring and Three Mile Point while in high school, rented a cottage at Aalsmeer on the lake for many years, owned and kept various boats on the lake over the years, and now owns a year-round camp on the lake and spends the entire summer season there each year. Wayne joined OLA as a charter member in 2002, was appointed Director at Large in 2004, elected President in 2008 through 2013, appointed Director at Large again in 2013, appointed Secretary in 2015 (continues to serve in both positions today), started and produced the original OLA newsletter for the first several years, planned and conducted the OLA twice a summer membership meetings for several years, originated the OLA boat parade many years ago and still serves as Chairman, and represents OLA at the annual conference of the NYS Federation of Lake Associations each year. He has conducted engineering reviews of various projects and subdivisions in the lake watershed for the Town of Otsego planning board, serves with the SUNY Oneonta BFS Volunteer Dive Team as a dive tender and boat driver, assists Dive Master Paul Lord with the training of new divers, continues to fish for lake trout and monitor conditions on and around the lake, promotes the mission of OLA to non-members and encourages them to join. And, most importantly, Wayne is recognized for his genuine interest and dedication to ensure the health, well­ being, water quality, and future of Otsego Lake- truly a local treasure we all love.


The BFS Volunteer Dive Team lead by Divemaster Paul Lord retrieved a sunken danger buoy this afternoon from the north end of the lake.

The SCUBA divers did not observe anything that warrants a danger buoy at the location where it was found. The buoy was likely deployed somewhere else and then moved by shifting ice or other natural elements. The mussel attachment above the water line indicates that it has been underwater for an extended period.


Photo credit: Peter Regan.

Photo credit: Kiyoko Yokota.


Sunday's Boat parade was a huge success with dozens of boats and spectators present. Special thanks to everyone involved who makes this a fun annual event. Pictures from this years boat parade can be viewed here.

Photo credit: Debra Creedon.



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Dear friends of Otsego Lake,

What a splendid sheet of water we share! Its surface and nearly half of its shoreline barely changed from Fenimore Cooper’s description. If you fish it, or if you sail it, swim in it, dive under it, ski on it, cruise it, tee off alongside it, soar over it, bike beside it, If you photograph it, paint it, or if you study it, if you skip smooth shale stones across it, If you dwell on its shores, if you dine along its edges, if your business relies on it, If you get your drinking water from the lake.

WHAT IS IT WORTH? If you haven’t before, it is time for you to join your Otsego Lake Association to help us preserve our clean, healthy lake. If you already are on our team, thank you! Be sure to stay with us! We are the only 100% volunteer organization devoted exclusively to the well-being of Otsego Lake! We are on a mission to defend the Lake’s essential values. Together, we pay attention to the lake day by day, always alert to emerging threats. We share information and create educational opportunities. We conduct research. We also “get our feet wet” building shoreline buffer strips, maintaining navigational buoys, inspecting at boat launches and so much more.

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Feared Quagga Mussel Invades

BFS Researchers Locate Invasive Worse Than Zebra, Researcher Says

Find out more here.

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