Annual Meeting

Date: Tentative Saturday August 11th, 2018.
Time: Coffee & Donuts 8:30am. Meeting 9:00am-11:00am
Location: TBD
Main Topic:


Mingle in the morning with free coffee, pastries and other goodies. Spend a couple of your Saturday morning hours learning about what's happening in and around Otsego Lake. Meeting is open to members and non-members. Invite your friends and neighbors.

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Photo credit: Cooperstown Crier.

Otsego Lakes Festival

Date: Saturday in June or July 2018.
Time: Ussually 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: Glimmerglass State Park or Lakefront Park.

Notes: Now called the Otsego LAKES Festival, this event is traditionally a day of educational outreach with a focus on water quality. Once a celebration that recognized Otsego Lake and its vital role to the region as the headwaters of the Susquehanna River, the festival focus has been expanded to highlight the importance of Otsego County’s other major water bodies, including Canadarago and Goodyear lakes.

The Otsego Lakes Festival is made possible thanks to the OCWQCC, established in 1992 as a sub-committee of the Otsego County Soil and Water Conservation District. The WQCC is comprised of a diverse group of people representing state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and lake associations. These members have technical expertise and knowledge and are committed to working to improve and maintain the quality of water in Otsego County through the reduction of nonpoint source pollution within its boundaries.

Photography & Arrangement: Richard and Elizabeth Walker

"We Love Our Lake, Fourth Annual Boat Parade"

Date: Around July 4th 2018.
Time: Tentative 3:00pm
Location: 3-Mile Point, Otsego Lake.

Notes: Start place is off-shore of 3 mile point. Rain or Shine!  Instructions/parade route for participating boats:  Line up behind the Biological Field Station research vessel, "Anondontoides", AKA "the barge", the lead boat for the parade, for a slow speed procession, heading south along the west shoreline of Otsego Lake to off shore  Lakefront Park, the finish of the parade.  There, judging will take place and prizes will be awarded in several categories.  There are no fees, rules or regulations except travel slowly, stay in line and be courteous.  Boats may join in the line along the parade route, especially small, non-powered craft who may not want to attempt the entire trip.  This is a fun filled, all inclusive informal gathering of boaters on the water and viewers on the shoreline, simply celebrating coming together on and around our beloved Lake Otsego!
Annual Boat Parade Pictures
Photo credit: Michael Santulli.

Earth Festival at the Milford Central School

Date: Tentative Saturday April 21st, 2018.
Time: 11:00am-3:00pm.
Location: Milford School.

Notes: Earth Festival is an environmentally focused, interactive event featuring exhibits, workshops, vendors, food and entertainment, all with a fun, earth-friendly twist. OLA will be present to answer your questions. Stop by browse our handouts & posters. Fill out a membership form. Check out our stylish apparel.
Earth Festival Photos
Photo credit: Unknown.
In 2011, OCCA Board member Tier French entertained and educated Earth Festival visitors as the ChicoBag™ Bag Monster®. The costume was used to illustrate the impact of single-use plastic bags.

Buffer Strip Maintenance

Date: Wednesday in late May or early June, 2018.
Time: 9:30am-?.
Location: Lake Front Park Buffer Strip.

Notes: Come join the Lake and Valley Garden Club, BOCES and OLA for a fun few hours maintaining our most used and well known buffer strip.
Don't forget your gloves and sunscreen.
Lake Front Buffer Strip photos
Photo credit: Timothy Pokorny.

Aquatic Invasive Species Training

Date: Friday and/or Saturday in late April and/or late May, 2018.
Time: 9:00am - 4:30 pm.
Location: Biological Field Station Thayer Boathouse
7016 State Hwy 80 Springfield, NY.13333. ~7 miles north of Cooperstown.
Main Topic: Watershed Stewardship:Boat Inspections & Invasive Species Identification

Notes: FREE TRAINING. Learn how to become a steward for your lake. Spend a day with BFS staff learning about aquatic invasive species, how to prevent their spread & boat inspection procedures. Contact for more information.
Stewardship Training Photos
Photo credit: Merideth Taylor

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